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Accreditation can be an intimidating process, but we’re here to help! Check out our resources you get started on the road to becoming an accredited QRTP.

COA Accreditation RESOURces

We know that accreditation can be an intimidating process. Whether your organization is large or small, we’re here to help! Check out our resources below to get started.

Still have questions? You can:

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Follow our learning plan

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Our Accreditation Learning Plan hyperlinks to self-paced trainings and tools to help you learn the fundamentals of the accreditation process, COA standards, and the MyCOA Portal. We recommend these highly; organizations that take advantage of them often have a more positive and productive accreditation process.

Check out our Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Toolkit

Whether you call it PQI or CQI, continuous quality improvement is a critical part of a healthy, effective organization.

Our toolkit will help you build a PQI plan from the ground up, troubleshoot problems, and offer tips and best practices to help you make the best of your new plan.

Take advantage of discount codes for our live training sessions

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COA offers live Intensive Accreditation Training (IAT) and Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Trainings a few times a year. IAT provides in-depth instruction for achieving Private COA accreditation. PQI Training offers an advanced understanding of our PQI standards and how they can be implemented.

Receive $25 off IAT or PQI classroom training with the discount code “COAFFPSA”. Our next trainings will be in May in NYC. Hope to see you there!

(for in-process organizations) Attend a COA readiness assessment live webinar

Is your organization currently pursuing accreditation for the first time under FFPSA? Register for one of our live drop-in webinars and speak with COA staff on on all things related to administration and management standards!

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Use our site visit date calculator to stay on track


COA is happy to work with you to help you meet your mandate deadline, but it’s important to remember that doing accreditation right takes time. Use our Site Visit Date Calculator to give you an idea of what a typical schedule looks like.

Note: We recommend having your Site Visit 6 months before your deadline to allow for post-Site Visit work.

Check out our blog

COA’s Interpretation blog is not only a great introduction to accreditation, but also a guide through the accreditation process.

Find the links to some of its most helpful posts below. Be sure to browse around the site for others, and if you want to receive updates via email, subscribe!

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